The Sextet Presents...Legends

The Ghosts & Ms. Montgomery

by Elizabeth Raines


Joanna Montgomery’s plan to renovate and sell a beautiful old antebellum mansion is thwarted by the home’s two ghosts, Trey Powell and Ford Jackson. Can they win Joanna’s heart and free themselves from a witch’s curse that has damned them to roam the halls of the mansion for all eternity?

A Tale of Two Knights

by Cheryl Brooks


Desperately in love with Sir Lancelot and her husband, King Arthur, Guinevere seeks Merlin’s assistance in bringing both men to her bed. The clever sorcerer promises his help, but cautions that the enchantment must never be revealed, and she must accomplish the seduction within one hour—or suffer dire consequences…

Bound by Voodoo

by Mellanie Szereto


Sex therapist Aurora Bond has been given four voodoo dolls, but are they a blessing or a curse? Her three handsome building mates are involved with each other—which poses a problem for her own sexual fantasies. Passion ignites when the four lovers are bound together by the voodoo spell.