The Sextet Presents...Toy Stories

Turn Another Paige

by Elizabeth Raines


Paige Brooks has been best friends with a guy named Jude Hastings following a clerical error that put them in the same college dorm room. They have continued to share an apartment even after Mike Parker, Jude’s lover, joined them. Although three has been company for several years, Paige has finally admitted to herself that she’s falling in love not only with Jude but with Mike.

When Paige is assigned to write an article about sex toys, she goes on a shopping trip, bringing home an assortment of mystifying goodies. Clueless as to how to use the items, she’s surprised when Jude and Mike offer to help with her research. Following one night of fun and passion, she’s head over heels for both men. But is the feeling mutual?


Small, Medium, & Large
by Cheryl Brooks

Sparks fly when tough executive Renee Swarovski meets video game designer Toby Lawrence in a sex toy shop. Renee is the perfect woman to don a strap-on and fulfill his ultimate fantasy, and Toby is the cutest thing Renee has ever seen, instantly igniting her dormant passions.

Renee joins Toby for a get-acquainted dinner and agrees to follow him home, where she is introduced to his roommate, agricultural engineer Lance Svahnstrom. The handsome blond giant has a closet full of whips and leather corsets but has yet to find his dominatrix. When the three of them come together in an unlikely ménage, the unspoken attraction between Lance and Toby blossoms.

After an exciting weekend, Renee returns to work and blows the whistle on an embezzler—a move that could end her career. She can't wait to see her men again, but with their newfound love, will they still want her?


Playing in the Raine
by Mellanie Szereto

Thirty-eight-year-old Raine Michaels's last boyfriend dumped her for a much younger woman, so she decides to find herself a boy toy. Scanning the local campus newspaper, three ads pique her interest, as do the men who placed the personals. She's lucky she has her stash of plastic playmates to keep her company until she chooses a flesh-and-blood man to satisfy her. But is one enough?

Vince Niccolo, Rafe Leonard, and Matt Augustine are searching for Ms. Right to join their not-yet-perfect threesome. Placing individual ads might've misled the interesting woman who uses PlayingInTheRaine for her e-mail address, but would she have responded to a “three bi guys want a woman to share” request? Not likely. Now, they have to convince her they can give her more pleasure than a box of battery-powered toys. Love might be an unexpected side effect of rub-a-dub-dubbing with three men in her tub.